Important DUI and DMV Information

Any Class A or B driver will lose his/her license for one year for a DUI conviction, whether driving in a commercial or private vehicle. A second offense will result in a lifetime loss of his/her Class A or B license.

Prior convictions for DUI or “wet reckless” can be used for 10 years to enhance any future DUI charges.

The court may enhance your sentence if your blood or breath test was .15 or over. There is a mandatory enhancement for a .20 or higher.

First offenders may be ordered to a 3- or 9-month DUI program depending upon the blood alcohol level and the facts of the case.

As of January 1, 2009 anyone on DUI probation MUST submit to a breath screening test if requested to do so by a police officer. If the result is a .01 or higher, the person is exposed to a violation of probation, an infraction conviction, and a one-year loss of license from the DMV

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